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'Awake' Illustrations in Progress

Quite some time ago I wrote a post on this blog about my illustrated poetry book 'Awake' that was put to one side, after an interrupted start due to many other art related commitments. I came across the first drawings for the book while working on my other current project 'Underneath The Arches'. With much more time on my hands in social isolation, I have decided to work both 'Awake' and 'Underneath The Arches' side by side so to speak, and intend to finish both poetry books over the next four weeks. Well that is the plan at least! In any event, work commitments aside, I have set myself the target of finishing them both in four weeks. The previous post on this blog shows the preliminary sketches for 'Underneath The Arches. Below can be seen a selection of the illustrations for the poem 'Awake'.

These illustrations - like the sketches for 'Underneath The Arches - are very much a work in progress and subject to change should the need arise or my taste change. Having said that, both poems will be finished and ready for publication / purchase on this website shortly after. Below again, can be seen a preliminary drawing (black and white and coloured), to illustrate the process.

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