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Reflecting Upon A Black Hole

This is a minor homage to Stephen Hawking (deceased recently) and Prof. Brian Cox, (very much alive!). Below is a series of photographs taken with my daughter Florence on one of her recent outings with a camera. Every now and again we go out and about to photograph interesting places. Florence took her own set of photos on this trip out. The ones below are mine. Taken using a Pentax K20D. Florence's idea was to create another dimension to an everyday surface. She bought four litres of black gloss enamel paint and poured it on to the wooden floor of a derelict property. I should add, at the time, the property was due for demolition. Once the paint had settled, the reflections of the surroun

New Paintings Cherries Capital Series Underway

General shot of one end of my studio. There are three parts to it: the first for painting, the second for designing, digital work and printing, the third for glasswork. Here are three new paintings in the 'Cherries - Capital Series' that are now underway. There will be ten in all. Capital No1 was completed a few months ago and can be seen below as well as on the 'Paintings' page in the Portfolio section of this website. There will also be a print series with the same or similar title, developed as a set along side these paintings. I am not sure how many prints will be in the series yet. They will be limited editions (10 maximum of each), as usual. The painting on the easel is Capital No3 unf

You Have To Click 'Like' Whether You Like It Or Not

Social media is awash with rubbish. Second rate philosophy, second rate ideas, second rate thoughts and second rate beliefs. Everything on social media is second rate. Yes, you read right: second rate. There is no first rate philosophy, no first rate ideas, no first rate thoughts and no first rate beliefs. There never was, never is and never will be anything on social media worth considering that is presented on the glowing screen of an overpriced toy. What is it we are all compelled to do every time we are confronted by all this second rate nonsense? We tap the ‘Like’ key. If we don’t, we’ll be ostracised, shunned and rejected by all those people who were once our close social media friends

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