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New in the Cube series - '36' Limited edition of ten only - size A2 Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm. Printed on the Epson Photo 4900. All materials are acid free. See the 'Shop' page on this website for purchasing details. Also see the 'Store Policies' Page for further details. Signed by David Glyn Davies - Dated 2018. The edition is supplied with a signed and dated Certificate of Authenticity. This is a strictly limited edition series.

Cherries - Falling

Cherries Falling Let there be water clear, Trickling clean and free, For tongues to lap and taste, A duality of thought to be. But then, Water trickling, Clear, a gleam, Lap and taste tart, Moist and warm, And crusty dry, One contradiction, One simple thought, Everything else, is caught.

Ai Weiwei - Law Of The Journey

A Contemporary Masterpiece Law of the Journey - Ai Weiwei. Just every now and again, the world is gifted, and some of its inhabitants privileged enough, to witness or experience an artistic masterpiece. So few and far between are these masterworks, that when one suddenly appears, its effect on every human level is instantaneous. These masterpieces come in many artistic forms and there is no boundary, artistically speaking, that limits the creative interpretation of truly original artistic responses to the world at large. I had the privilege of just such an experience last month, and the first flushes of its overwhelming effect have not yet worn off. I am writing about Ai Weiwei’s enormous sc

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