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Birth To Death - (Oh Mr. Hawking). For Professor Brian Cox and in memory of the great man - RIP.

Recently I was having a general clean out of my studio. I do this every few months or so. I get rid of lots of old junk as well as artworks that will not play any part of my artistic output. Going through my plan chest I came across the set of prints below and couldn't bring myself to throw them out. In fact, I ended up revising and re working them as a set. The original set of six prints had the umbrella title of 'Oh Mr. Hawking' as they were to accompany a poem I had just written called 'A Poem Of A Sort For The Twenty First Century'. The poem was not completed and so the prints were placed in the plan chest and forgotten. It's a complete coincidence that this week, the great Mr. Hawking's

Singles Covers for HUI.

Below are some of the artworks adapted for my son HUI. and his music released on Triple J Unearthed, Spotify and Itunes. The music can also be streamed on the 'HUI.' page of this website.

Rediscovered - An Old Ltd Ed Print

Mask 2 Below is one of my early digital prints. I came across it while going through the plan chest in my studio. I have clear outs every now and again. I know some artists think this is sacrilege. I do not. Clear outs can often free up the mind as well as space for other things. Any way, this one, was one of the better ones of that time (2007 approx), and so I include it here. There were two prints in this very limited edition. The other, Mask 1, I preferred. It is included in the gallery on the prints page. The one below did not go out with other efforts of that time. It sits between tissue paper and will do so unless or until I change my mind about it! Mask 2 - Digital Print - 2007 Approx

There You Were

There You Were The Little Mermaid There you were, Sitting on your rock, Kind of nestled, Kind of not: windswept. Twisted contrapposto, And the motion of the river, Your hair it flowed, With the motion of the sea. But it was under, The surface of the ocean, The sailors knew, Your kind soul. There You Were - Design for Floor Sculpture No7. Copyright David Glyn Davies.

The Moon in June.

Elliptical Ellipse Reciprocal Eclipse The moon, Before the sun, The sky, Charcoal black, Birds silent, dumb, Waited to fly, Flat ovals, Telescopes sway, As one. Focussed upon, The moony smile, Round and round, In loony style.

Glass Restoration & Relocation

Below are some photos taken while doing an interesting restoration of a couple of lead light windows that were relocated from a shop front to a private house. The lead lights were above the shop entrance (called Top Lights), and needed extensive restoration. The lead was rotten in many areas and many of the original soldered joints cracked. Both windows were very flimsy and needed careful handling. Whoever removed the windows from their original setting had done so very roughly. The new owner of the shop did not want to keep the windows. Rather than see them go to waste, the original owners decided to keep them and incorporate them into their home. In consultation with discussion over a few

The Melbourne Art Fare Is Back On - Whoopee Do - Storm Clouds - No.

I wrote the two blogs below in 2016 as a response to the appalling situation re the cancellation of the Melbourne Art Fare that year. At the time, I decided not to publish it on this blog. I should have. I chickened out and shame on me for doing that. Well, it's back on again, The Melbourne Art Fare that is; presumably because the tin pot nobodies of the ACGA feel like there's a profit in it this year. In 2016 it was cancelled by this self interested bunch of morons who were/are only in it for themselves. The pathetic excuse they made for cancelling the fare at the time was that three galleries from Sydney had pulled out, so they (the board of the ACGA), felt Melbourne could not put on a pro

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