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Now Boarding

Now Boarding 1st January 2017. Sam was not sad. He waved to Carol as the train pulled out of the station. He could not be sure if Carol had made any effort to look back at him through one of the carriage’s windows as the train left. He scanned the windows of the carriage she had boarded but could not see her. Two minutes before the train departed, he watched as tightly packed passengers disgorged themselves from the carriages and crisscrossed around others waiting to board. Their movements around one another looked to Sam like some sort of formal ritualistic eighteenth century dance. He thought, they should be wearing wigs and frills and enormous hoop dresses whose lacy material and bespoke

Studio Jan 2017

Below, some new works in progress for the next book. Final numbers of paintings for the book have yet to be decided. The book is a work in progress. All are pigment and acrylic on canvas - enamelled. Samples of working drawings for this series of illustrative works will follow soon. Finished works will be on the 'Painting' page of this web site as and when they are done. The poetry will follow also; although, I have a tendency to revise and re revise poems and paintings many times; so images and words may be subject to change before the book is finally published. I have not yet finalised the title for the book, the second of five books (Bletsian was the first), in this series.

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