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Eight Sisters is nearly completed. The final Prussian and Pthalo Blue overlays will be added - and also added to the 'Painting' page on this website - on my return from Europe in late January 2023.

'Eight Sisters' - oil, pigment on canvas - 1.8m x 1.8m - detail from centre area. There will be a full description of the painting's iconography on its completion.

My series of three paintings of the same size (that will take triptych format and will be started in late January 2023), follow on from 'Eight Sisters' and will come under an umbrella title of 'Set In Stone'.

I will be in France at Chateau Orquevaux from 5th December to the 19th December 2022 working on a series of water colours that will form the templates for these latter paintings.

I am really looking forward to my stay in France where I will have the opportunity to be completely immersed and undisturbed in developing the iconography and imagery for these works.

More to follow.


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