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Old Work 23.

Designs and cover for my book of short stories and poetry "Bletsian", 2015.

Old Work 22.

My designs for my book of Poetry "And Then I Awoke, that were also editions (10 only of each).

Old Work 21.

The first drawings and quarter print layouts for my series digital print series "Liniar" that was later developed into the series Remembering Augustus Pugin.

Old Work 20.

My limited Edition (10 only of each) "Thinking Ahead"

Old Work 19.

My limited edition series (10 each only).

Old Work 18.

The first drawing and plaste maquette for my series "Inside My Shell".

Old Work 17.

My Exhibition at the Lynne Wilton Gallery Melbourne 2004 comprising of two themes "When" and "Inside My Shell", both of which were accompanied by poems of the same names.


My son Hui. has just released his latest single 'Abigail' on all media platforms. It's a beautiful song - i'm just a little bit proud! Hear it on the music page of this website.

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