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Idea to Completion - Afterthought Art

A few people have been asking me about the development of my paintings so I thought I would post a small gallery here of my sketches and completed painting 'Quadripartite'. This particular painting is part of a bigger body of work that is centred around Medieval (Romanesque and Gothic), subject matter as represented by the many decorative sculptures that adorn buildings in those styles of architecture all over Europe. I tend to work ideas through with many sketches and later designs that clarify what I want to do. This way of working means I can dictate the flow of each painting without deviating too much from the original concept. I do not like working blindly in the hope that some artist

Enveloped No2 - Sculpture Progress Update.

Work on the sculpture is moving along well. I have begun to smooth out most of the surface area around the sculpture which should give a view as to how the sculpture will look when it is finished. There are still several areas around the stone that need to be resolved. These can be seen around the base area of the stone where it meets the concrete foundation. Once these are resolved, the stone will be polished so that areas appear smooth and connected from one form to the next. Lumps and bumps will be evened out to accentuate the linear areas of the sculpture. My intention is to get the stone to appear as soft as possible. By that I mean the object will have the look of a soft material. Surf

Enveloped No2 - Sculpture Progress Update

The overall shape of the sculpture is developing with much of the roughing out completed. There are a few more areas around the top of the sculpture that will be refined before I start shaping and polishing. Once the polishing is finished there will be concrete pour around the circular base area that will create a clean meeting point between the concrete and the stone. It will also secure the stone permanently. As mentioned in the earlier post about this sculpture, the stone was secured to the circular part of the base with Tenax two part stone glue and a stainless steel pin (40mm x 500mm). The base will then be rendered and the site cleaned up. The block (Edlloyd Sandstone From Tasmania sup

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