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The Absurdity of Democracy

Absurd Democracy What is it that bothers me so much about the life I lead in a first world country where I have a relative amount of freedom of speech and expression, (compared to those in third world countries who have little or no voice); the right and responsibility to vote and a reasonable income that allows me to enjoy a comfortable life? Granted, that was a very long winded rhetorical question but one that should be rhetorical for the likes of me, a person who enjoys all of the above and more and yet, here I am, not one month returned from a third world country whose wonderful people smile in the face of all manner of political and social adversity. I have been complaining. Complaining

HUI. Skyline - Upcoming Music Release

This is the cover photo for HUI. (my son's), upcoming single release called 'Skylines'. The photo was taken during my recent trip to Cambodia. He saw it and loved it. The photo was cropped to fit the media format. The full photo can be seen in the gallery on the Cambodia photo page of this website. The location of this photo was on a pier waiting for a local boat to take me to Rabbit Island not far from the town of Kep. I had my Pentax K1 and K20D with me. This was taken with the K20D, which has been a fabulous workhorse. I love that camera.

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