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'Awake' Illustrations in Progress

Quite some time ago I wrote a post on this blog about my illustrated poetry book 'Awake' that was put to one side, after an interrupted start due to many other art related commitments. I came across the first drawings for the book while working on my other current project 'Underneath The Arches'. With much more time on my hands in social isolation, I have decided to work both 'Awake' and 'Underneath The Arches' side by side so to speak, and intend to finish both poetry books over the next four weeks. Well that is the plan at least! In any event, work commitments aside, I have set myself the target of finishing them both in four weeks. The previous post on this blog shows the preliminary sket

Underneath The Arches (Preliminary Sketches) and a rewritten poem.

Herewith, a selection of sketches made in January for a body of work 'Underneath The Arches', to accompany a poem originally titled 'And Then I awoke #1 (My Dream) that as first begun in 1980, rewritten in 1990, rewritten in 2007 and has been revisited and rewritten again (for the last time), during this odd year of 'Lock Down' otherwise known as 2020. The poem was first published under the title above in my book, And Then I Awoke - Selected Poems 1979 - 2014 IBSN 9 780646 925257. The very fist water colour sketch for this series can be seen below the sketches here and on the painting page of this website. As is often the case with my slow brain, the seeds of an idea were there to be seen i

Icy Cannon Balls Raging Heat And A Big Window

As mentioned in a recent post on this blog, I had the privilege of restoring a large window that was damaged in many places by a recent storm. Unlike the invisible damage inflicted currently upon the world (by the insipid Coronavirus), this natural weather storm, whose hail stones plummeted from freezing dark blue clouds so intensely that late summer afternoon in February, much damage and destruction was caused to thousands of cars and homes as well as across the many panes of coloured glass in the magnificent window pictured below. That late afternoon in February saw thousands of hailstones the size of tennis balls fall relentlessly for several hours from a very dark Heaven without fear or

Hui. Ghost - New Single Out Now

My sone Hugh has just released his latest sing 'Ghost' as a follow up to his recent release 'Low' on various music streaming platforms. What can I say - very proud! More of his music can be heard on the Music/Short Films page. @spotify @applemusic

New Print Series 'Vaulted' (Green and Red).

During these uncertain times of self Isolation along with my family and friends dotted over various parts of Melbourne and other parts of Australia, have found myself with much time to work on a new series of paintings (ongoing as I type), and a new print series 'Vaulted' that will be available on my website store soon. The series was developed from drawings and photographs I made in Europe in 2018 of various Romanesque and Gothic cathedral ceilings (vaults), which have been a constant source of artistic inspiration for me. I had been meaning to work on these prints for some time, but with other glass commissions and commitments, this is the first opportunity I have had to develop them prope

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