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March In the Studio

Some photos of a new illustrated edition of my poem Awake, dedicated to the memory of the poet Basil Bunting that will be ready for publication later in the year. This will be a limited edition (twenty only). This is very much a work in progress and something I have wanted to do for a long time. If this first limited run goes well, there will be more to follow. The illustrations in these photos are unfinished but show the general look of the book. 20 pages - 40 sides all illustrated in total. Size A3 on water colour paper. More photos to follow as the book progresses. Font designed by Johnathan S Harris - his website is


Buried - December 900 AD Snow fell earlier that day. It was late afternoon when a Highland Deer fell asleep next to the great stones of a buttress that was attached to the nave of Ely Cathedral. It had been walking for days and was wracked with tiredness and hunger. It should not have been there at all. A Highland Deer is seldom seen in the wilds of Cambridgeshire if at all; but there it was, a long way away from its Scottish homeland. The deer’s body sank slowly into the bed of snow upon which it lay. The heat of its trunk created an almost perfect impression in the soft white flakes. In one respect, it was an almost perfect impression in that, looking down upon the overall scene where the

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