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Enveloped No2 - Sculpture Progress Update

The overall shape of the sculpture is developing with much of the roughing out completed. There are a few more areas around the top of the sculpture that will be refined before I start shaping and polishing. Once the polishing is finished there will be concrete pour around the circular base area that will create a clean meeting point between the concrete and the stone. It will also secure the stone permanently. As mentioned in the earlier post about this sculpture, the stone was secured to the circular part of the base with Tenax two part stone glue and a stainless steel pin (40mm x 500mm). The base will then be rendered and the site cleaned up.

The block (Edlloyd Sandstone From Tasmania supplied by Hendersons Marble and Granite), weighed in at approximately two tonnes. So far in the roughing out process, I have removed about a ton of its core weight. There will be another half a tone of stone removed by the end of the process.

The front garden of the school is to be redesigned around the sculpture with stone artworks made by the school's students. It is intended that the layout of the garden will take the form of a spiral shape to echo the spiral nature of the sculpture. I will post the drawings for this in the near future.

Enveloped No2 initial sketch.

I have reversed the flow of the spiral. I feel the design will flow better once the sculpture is completed.

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