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'Enveloped 2' - New Sculpture

'When the heart and mind are connected, we flourish'.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been working on the foundations for a new sculpture at a school in Melbourne's suburbs. Below are two of the preliminary sketches for the work - also some photos of the construction of the foundations.

I went to Hendersons Marble and Granite (in Melbourne's Western suburbs), a couple of days ago to choose the stone. I found a very nice piece of sandstone stone (that you can see below), that will be transported to the site when the concrete has had time to cure. The stone will be placed on top of the circular part of the base and be secured with a large stainless steel pin in the centre. It will be glued around the pin and both of the joining surfaces with a two part epoxy stone glue (Tenax). While keeping in line with this second sculpture school's theme, I have taken aspects of the first and added features no seen in the the first artwork.

The staff and students have come up with a running theme for the sculpture that is the premise for the initial sketches. Their working theme reads: 'When the heart and mind are connected, we flourish'. Several years ago, I completed a sculpture in another Melbourne school that was titled 'Enveloped'. Initially, I discussed the possibility of making a triptych of sculptural works that were an interpretation of a similar theme. Due to budget constraints, I made one sculpture that contained elements of its two counterpart objects. I have decided therefore, to make this sculpture a linking artwork to complement its primary counterpart. Perhaps, in future, there will be a third sculpture in this series to complete the group.

Above, the piece of sandstone that will be placed on to the base once the concrete has cured.

Below 'Enveloped No1'.

Above 'Envelloped No1' Limestone 2.7m x 1m x 1m. 2009.

Below 'Enveloped No2'. Rough Sketch.

Enveloped 2.1

There will be more written description and explanation of the theme later on. I will also be photographing the sculpture as it progresses and will add the photos to this particular blog.

Copyright David Glyn Davies 2019.

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