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Birth To Death - (Oh Mr. Hawking). For Professor Brian Cox and in memory of the great man - RIP.

Recently I was having a general clean out of my studio. I do this every few months or so. I get rid of lots of old junk as well as artworks that will not play any part of my artistic output. Going through my plan chest I came across the set of prints below and couldn't bring myself to throw them out. In fact, I ended up revising and re working them as a set.

The original set of six prints had the umbrella title of 'Oh Mr. Hawking' as they were to accompany a poem I had just written called 'A Poem Of A Sort For The Twenty First Century'. The poem was not completed and so the prints were placed in the plan chest and forgotten.

It's a complete coincidence that this week, the great Mr. Hawking's remains have been placed in Westminster Abbey next to several other prominent people of science. However, in finding these prints and in honour of Mr. Hawking and in dedication to Professor Brian Cox, I include them here and will revisit the poem to see if I can complete it with with all its artworks attached.

Birth to Death 1. Big Bang.

Birth to Death 2. - Green and Lush.

Birth to Death 3. Oceans Diminish.

Birth to Death 4. Drought.

Birth to Death 5. Darkness.

Birth to Death 6. Silence.

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