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Kate Spithes 'Medieval' A Suite Of Four Dark And Brooding Tracks

My good friend, musician and composer Kate Spithes has released a new EP out on all platforms called Medieval. Unlike the artwork for her previous release, I have done some editing and added colour to either side of the original artwork to accomodate the square format used by all streaming services. The extension to either side has changed the original artwork (a change I would not ordinarily make), but as this is a 'one off' for this music release, I am satisfied the image works well. The centre part of the artwork is taken from one of my limited Edition Prints from my series 'Thinking Ahead'. This dark and brooding musical suite of four tracks available for streaming on just about all platforms. I have been collaborating with Kate for four years. Her first Album 'Art' can be heard on this website.


  1. Medieval #1

  2. Lament

  3. Meditation

  4. Funk Waltz


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