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'Capitol - David' Completed

Finished at last! My Capitol series that has been made at the same time as my most recent 'Cube' series edition that I have put into the Peninsula Studio Trail online exhibition. More about those artworks in the next blog. This painting has taken a long time to finish. Partly because I have been a bit too self absorbed during Melbourne's gruelling and up to this point, indefinite lockdown, and partly due to unnecessary distraction or deviation away from the main picture (so to speak). I have grappled with the subject matter of this painting to the point that at one stage I was ready to paint over it and start again. However, I was able to resolve pictorial issues with a clarification of subject at the same time. There will be another canvas to follow, which will complete the subject in the form of a diptych: the two paintings being 1. David 2. The Offspring Of A Giant. There will be four names added to the title of the second canvas: Lhami, Ishbi-benob, Sippai and Exadactylous. The names being a direct reference to Goliath. It is no coincidence that my name is David!


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