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Rachael and Leah

It's finally completed, my painting Rachael and Leah, after much fiddling, redesigning, reshaping, remodelling and finally, repainting!

The idea for this painting was originally to be part of the Capital series (almost finished as I type), but was changed, partly to the size of the canvas, but mostly to the placing of the heads in the centre of the canvas. The first sketch for this work was developed to make the the subjects, Rachael and Leah (biblical characters), emerge from the architecture and foliage as a natural extension of their surroundings; people and buildings as one, so to speak. As I painted each layer into position, the configuration between architectural element and figures was not working properly and so, as I had got so far into the painting's construction, I developed the floral motifs (originally developed for this subject), which made for a better aesthetic conclusion.

Rachael and Leah 2020 Detail

Pigment, Acrylic, wax on linin - (H) 60cm x (W) 100cm

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