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New Print Series 'Vaulted' (Green and Red).

During these uncertain times of self Isolation along with my family and friends dotted over various parts of Melbourne and other parts of Australia, have found myself with much time to work on a new series of paintings (ongoing as I type), and a new print series 'Vaulted' that will be available on my website store soon. The series was developed from drawings and photographs I made in Europe in 2018 of various Romanesque and Gothic cathedral ceilings (vaults), which have been a constant source of artistic inspiration for me. I had been meaning to work on these prints for some time, but with other glass commissions and commitments, this is the first opportunity I have had to develop them properly. I post some of therm here and will add the new paintings to the 'Painting' page as they are completed. Just before the world was taken by storm, I had the privilege of restoring a large window some 15 metres square for a building that was affected by a natural storm that swept across Melbourne's inner eastern suburbs. Photos of this restoration will appear soon on this blog along with other photos on the 'Glass' page.

I hope life is treating you and yours - wherever you may be - well and that this insipid contemporary plague is quelled before too many people fall prey to this awful pandemic.

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