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'Enveloped' No2 - Sculpture Update

Polishing on the sculpture continues (some photos below) - this process has been slowed down a bit, subject to Melbourne's Spring weather over the past couple of weeks. Hopefully, the sun will shine in the not too distant future and I will be able to push on and finish it. Quite perversely, as I wish for the sun to shine over Melbourne and Southern Victoria, across several parts of Northern New South Wales, Queensland and Perth, bush fires rage through their respective countrysides causing untold damage and loss of human life. I understand from media reports, that at one point, there were some seventeen bushfires raging out of control across Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland and that it took firefighters several days to quell the infernos.

It almost seems trite to write about the frustration of artistic interruption, when so many people at that same time, are subject to Australia's extreme seasons. Without wanting to sound trivial: once completed the base will have a second skin of concrete finish off the base area. This will then be rendered with a coloured tile adhesive. The students in the school have made a number of small artworks that will be set around the base of the sculpture and garden area. These will be arranged is a spiral form so as to continue the curved in the sculpture.

Copyright (c) David Glyn Davies 2019.

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