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'Enveloped' - New Sculpture Progress Update

My new sculpture Enveloped No2 is well underway. Further to the previous post on this blog that showed the construction of the sculpture's foundation, below is a small gallery of photos that show the arrival of the stone at the school and preliminary roughing out of the shape. I will be photographing the sculpture as it progresses through its various stages to its completion. All being well (and weather permitted), the sculpture will be completed in the next five weeks. A full description of the sculpture's subject development will be added to this blog in the near future.

1. Stone Delivery crane from Hendersons Marble and Granite. Many thanks to the crane driver who was extremely helpful on the day. It was much appreciated.

2. Stone secured on to plinth.

3. Stone marked to show where roughing out of main shape will start.

4. Roughing out of main shape underway.

5. Roughing out of main shape continues.

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