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The Brexit Farce Goes On...And On.

Democracy In Britain Is Dead. A prediction - Brexit Will Never Happen!

There you have it, put off until October - the 31st no less - when all those ghosties and ghoolies come out to play and proof that British democracy, as seen by all interested parties worldwide, is dead. I understand seventy five percent of politicians in the in the Houses of Parliament in London, do not want Brexit to go ahead and so, it will not; regardless of the democratic vote over three years ago. I repeat, democracy in Britain is dead.

Further to my blog 'The Asurdity of Democracy - Novemer 2018 - about public political apathy (in Britain and the United States of America), this new entry is added to confirm much of what I wrote. That is, that too many people in the UK (and the US), are lazy when it comes to politics, unless of course, they feel that the outcome of any changes to their laws or their constitution, will affect them directly. In both cases, they don't vote, but feel as if they have the right to spit out their collective bile at anyone with whom they disagree. Seventeen point five million Britons voted. Another twenty million eligible Britons did not vote.

March after march, banner after banner, for and against, trooped across the streets of London by the disgruntled and the angry of both sides of the Brexit debate – sorry, Brexit farce. Oh yes! They’re disgruntled. Oh yes! They’re angry. Angry and disgruntled at anyone who disagrees with their point of view. Their collective vitriol aimed at all whom they see fit. And yet…

And yet: if the angry mobs, both for and against, are indicative of the current population of Britain, over half of them didn’t vote: and like all angry and disgruntled children who didn’t get their sweeties for their Birthday or Christmas, these eligible adults scream, shout and stamp their feet in a collective petulant rage.

Never mind that they (on both sides), did not see fit to vote over three years ago when it mattered, never mind that they (on both sides), were too lazy to get out of bed and take part in the democratic process, never mind (on both sides), that they preferred to go out for coffee and cake instead of exercising their political right and responsibility, never mind (on one side), about their assumption that Britain would ‘Remain’ part of Europe, never mind, (on the other side), their hope that Britain would ‘Leave’ and never mind (on both sides I am sure), their total disdain for the political freedom they enjoy. Political freedom denied to so many in other parts of the world.

Now the non-voters shout. Now the non-voters abuse on both sides of the Brexit farce, as ex politicians join their vitriolic calls in the hope that all will be delayed and, just like those petulant children who didn’t get what they wanted, they puff their collective chest and declare themselves the to be in the moral right and winners of the moral debate. Winners of what? Winners of nothing at all. Apologies for the rhetoric.

The losers are the British people (on both sides of the Brexit farce), who did vote. The people who did take part in the democratic process. The people who did exercise their right and responsibility to vote as eligible British citizens. Sadly, they are the losers.

I have two brothers who live in Britain. One is pro Brexit, the other is anti Brexit. Both of them did not vote. My Mother voted. She exercised her right to vote: now in her eighties she always has done so. I remember as a young adult how she said it was always important to take part in democracy and that, for her, even though the Suffragettes were before her time, what members of that movement went through to obtain women the right to vote, was never to be forgotten. I wonder how many young women today, who did not vote in the Brexit referendum, and for that matter, do not vote in general elections while regarding themselves as educated in contemporary politics, understand that they have a responsibility to vote as much as a right?

It’s hard to say this, but my two brothers who should know better, have very definite views about the way Britain should be placed in the world in the future: and yet, they did not vote. Unlike my mother who was part of the seventeen point five million who voted, they were part of the twenty million Britons who did not take part in the democratic process. Both of them now spout their opposing views whenever the opportunity arrises. Worse still is their dismissal of anyone (including myself), who reminds them that, had they voted, the result the Brexit farce that has torn the British people apart, might well have been very different.

If my mother and brothers who are indicative of so many families or groups of people in Britain, manage to persuade parliament in Westminster to hold a second referendum (that in my view flies in the face of Democracy), the result would be as farcical as the first: unless of course, like Australia and Brazil, a second referendum was made compulsory. It will never happen.

Firstly, a political change of that magnitude would require parliament to make a decision and we couldn’t have that could we? Three years on since the first referendum and still the politicians argue and bicker like children. Unlike children who largely are not that scheming when they argue, the politicians of Westminster argue with political intent and ulterior motive in mind. That motive being to cause as much chaos as possible. One could almost argue that the actions of politicians in both the major political parties of Britain over the past three years, borders on anarchy.

Secondly, if a result of an unlawful (in my opinion), second referendum did not go the way the present seventy five percent of current politicians want, they would have nowhere to go politically in terms of holding Brexit up indefinitely; that is, until the seventy five percent have had time to disperse their personal European shares and other assets. That is, all those shares and assets that are not in their partner’s name already.

If you did not vote three years ago no matter what side of the Brexit debate you are on: bad luck. If you did vote three years ago no matter what side of the Brexit debate you are on: bad luck for you too.

If that makes you angry, all you have to do is remind yourself that democracy in Britain is dead. There is not one British politician active in Westminster today, who cares about the way you voted and there is nothing you can do about that.

When seventy five percent of British politicians want something, (and it is well known and reported that seventy five percent of them want Brexit gone forever), your vote in this instance three years ago, counted for nothing. In the near future, if a second vote is held and the majority of politicians disagree with the result, your precious vote will count for nothing. Always keep this in mind, and as my father (God rest his cynical soul), once said many years ago, 'when it comes to the rabble we elect to govern us, try to keep a sense of humour'. Well said Dad.

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