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The Big Rock Of Religious Hatred

There wasn’t much time left, in fact, only a matter of thirty seconds before the angry moments of that morning came together as one entity in an ever expanding mix of dark tense emotions. The minds of the six people who had come together so angrily, reached a perverse decision with only one proper course of action. Their angry path of destruction was a foregone conclusion. Their hatred was unstoppable.

The six were connected unwittingly by this force of hatred; their minds now as one, brewed a dark mess that congealed slowly as the entity expanded. All six parts of the mess were hitherto separate and yet, oddly enough, with no catalyst to bring the emotional parts together in a heated molecular fusion of frontal lobes, each one became connected to its neighbour; linked by animosity and an involuntary need to express uncontrolled bile.

Indeed, enough time had passed for their dark brew to become a solid mass, as hard and as impervious as a massive block of granite teetering on the edge of a cliff top. Their anger grew more intense and with it came a howling wind that rocked the stone from side to side with relentless invisible intensity.

Oh yes, enough time had passed; the dark angry rock was dislodged from its precarious resting place and rolled in awkward heavy bounces off the strata of the mountainside. Down and down went the mess of anger, crushing everything in its steep path.

As one, the six screamed out animalistic hatred in an absurd cacophony of sound. The bellows of anger from the centre of the mighty rock, forced it to gather more speed as it descended towards a happy group of friends at the bottom of the cliff who had set up a picnic on lush green grass.

Yes indeed, too much time had passed. It was only a matter of thirty seconds before one of the happy group looked up and gasped at the great stony mess of hatred and anger tumbling towards them.

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