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Reflecting Upon A Black Hole

This is a minor homage to Stephen Hawking (deceased recently) and Prof. Brian Cox, (very much alive!). Below is a series of photographs taken with my daughter Florence on one of her recent outings with a camera. Every now and again we go out and about to photograph interesting places. Florence took her own set of photos on this trip out. The ones below are mine. Taken using a Pentax K20D. Florence's idea was to create another dimension to an everyday surface. She bought four litres of black gloss enamel paint and poured it on to the wooden floor of a derelict property. I should add, at the time, the property was due for demolition. Once the paint had settled, the reflections of the surrounding building off the surface of the paint (as can be seen in some of the photos), created an almost three dimensional appearance. The colours were quite vivid and added a rich and luscious depth to the imagery of the reflections: as if one could pass through, so to speak, to somewhere else - another dimension if you like. I think Mr Hawking would have liked this. Florence is currently working as an interior architect for Genton Architecture in Melbourne's city centre. I am unashamedly proud of her.

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