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New Paintings Cherries Capital Series Underway

General shot of one end of my studio. There are three parts to it: the first for painting, the second for designing, digital work and printing, the third for glasswork. Here are three new paintings in the 'Cherries - Capital Series' that are now underway. There will be ten in all. Capital No1 was completed a few months ago and can be seen below as well as on the 'Paintings' page in the Portfolio section of this website. There will also be a print series with the same or similar title, developed as a set along side these paintings. I am not sure how many prints will be in the series yet. They will be limited editions (10 maximum of each), as usual.

The painting on the easel is Capital No3 unfinished. To its left on the floor is Capital No2 unfinished and propped up above it is Capital No 4 unfinished. I will update these with photos as they are completed.

My canvasses are made by Senior Art Supplies, 1310 Malvern Road, Victoria, 3144. Superb service and excellent quality - Highly recommended.

Cherries - Capital No1 - 2018 - Pigments on Canvas. Enamelled. (H) 1.5m x (W) 2.5m

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