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Rediscovered - An Old Ltd Ed Print

Mask 2

Below is one of my early digital prints. I came across it while going through the plan chest in my studio. I have clear outs every now and again. I know some artists think this is sacrilege. I do not. Clear outs can often free up the mind as well as space for other things. Any way, this one, was one of the better ones of that time (2007 approx), and so I include it here. There were two prints in this very limited edition. The other, Mask 1, I preferred. It is included in the gallery on the prints page. The one below did not go out with other efforts of that time. It sits between tissue paper and will do so unless or until I change my mind about it!

Mask 2 - Digital Print - 2007 Approx - Limited Edition of 10 - This is the AP (artist's proof). 35 cms x 90 cms.

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