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One, Two, Three, Four, Five.

Extract from 'Bletsian'. A book of poetry and short stories. Available from this website. A bargain at $10 (AUD).

One Two Three Four Five

Homage to Bertrand Russell. B. 1872 d. 1970.

One plus one equals two.

Fact or fiction,

In anyone’s diction,

Is a rollick and fiction,

Of a mathematical depiction.

Two plus two equals four.

Learned by rote,

The numerical quote,

For Russell to dote,

And philosophers vote.

Three plus three equals six.

Rhetorical invention,

Is worth a mention,

A verbal prevention,

For oratorical retention.

Four plus four equals eight.

Algebraic fate,

Bertrand’s poor gate,

One minute late,

He made us all wait.

Five plus five equals ten.

Euclid the lucid father,

Of geometric truth, no opposition,

At ninety degrees he’d rather,

Laud the Fifteenth Proposition.

1,2,3,4,5. - Design for floor sculpture.

Copyright David Glyn Davies 2018.

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