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Tranquillity (Three Songs)

Three Songs - Taken From 'And Then I Awoke' - 2014 - ISBN 9780646925257

2009 – 2010 – 2011 – 2012

Tranquility #1 – When The Shit Hits The Fan


Tranquillity is a tragic case,

For the rebirth of Wagner,

As little children jump,

Or fall from the push,

Into Australia’s watery depths:

“Be not my friend you oaf!”

Pessimism, alive and well, is

Seen through your Hellenic eyes,

Tragic births on your boat: “Ha ha!”

Australians criticize: from

The watery spirit of the ocean is born, a

Sadness upon which, we

May lament the passing, of

Human life that, is

Once dead, beyond good and evil, for

Everyone’s an artist, with

No opposites, no

Conflict or opposition, to

Scientific aims, as

Science be damned, by

The quixotic, who

Sit amid the romance, of

This Attic tragedy, the

The order of science, is

Stupid, within which magic, is

Lost to discovery, a

Folly of, no

Immediate consequence, will

Science subdue, for

Laughter and whimsical amusement, an

Upsurge of joy and love, and

A romantic hue, a

Master of fact, shall

Entertain an accident – happy, and

To renew new life, the

Folly of recognition, is

The moment of seeing, the

Clarity of truth, in

Fact or fiction.


I judge you and your pessimistic life,

Depression be yours forever and ever,

Tragedy’s lot, so clever, so clever.

“In the water with you, no fear!

Go on, jump! When the shit hits the fan,

You’re not welcome here!”

Tranquillity #2 – St Anthony and St Julia Buried At Sea

2009 – 2011


The turbulence of tranquility,

Is a tragic case,

For the rebirth of Wagner,

As little children jump,

Or fall from the push,

Into Asia’s watery depths.

“Be not my friend,

Judge me not you lump of lard!”

Pessimism alive and well,

Is seen through your Hellenic eyes,

Tragic births on your boat,

Pouring scorn, politicians criticize.

From the spirit of a national anthem is born,

A sadness upon which, we may lament,

The passing of human life,

That is now dead: beyond good and evil;

Everyone has become a politician,

With no conflict or opposition in adversity.

To challenge political aims,

As life be damned by the quixotic,

Who sit amid the carnage,

Of this Attic tragedy,

The order of their nature is nothing, no quarter,

Against the romance of their dream reality.

The order of their science is stupidity,

In which, magic is lost to discovery,

Bobbing and lost in the water,

A folly of no immediate consequence,

Science will subdue,

For laughter and political amusement.

With an upsurge of joy and love,

And a political view.

A master of political fact,

May entertain an accident,

Happy to see new life,

Or happy to see strife.