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Five On The Floor - First Sketches and Maquette -

Further to the posts below, please see the first ideas for Five on the floor. The next post will show the drawings that follow these rough ideas into visual elements for a series of sculptures that link the object to the ground ares upon which they sit. I am currently working on the resulting sculptures (to scale) and will be posting images of them soon. There may be other blogs in between as these sculptures will take time to complete. All posts in this regard will come under the title "Five On The Floor". The sketches and model here are my first attempt at fusing object and environment.

Quite separate from this artistic endeavour, today marks the fifteenth anniversary of that horrible moment in New York. I am not sure why I am compelled to add a comment like that here: just, well, I feel the need. Sixteen years into the new century and we are still slaughtering each other. Where on earth does an abstract notion such as Object/Floor/Mural fit into any of the carnage we see nightly on our television screens? I suppose rightly or wrongly, that there has to be some form of artistic endeavour alive in whatever form it takes and in whichever circumstances or there is no hope for us at all. Shame on us all for what we do.

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