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Five On The Floor - Mural Sketch 1

I will be posting ideas/sketches of wall ideas that will be part of the sculpture/ environment. This is the first of them - colours as yet to be finalised. NB These are just sketches as I am still deciding on the type of aesthetic to flow on from the three dimensional objects on the floor areas.

Five on the Floor / Floors

4 Further Coloured Drawings - Elevation Drawings / Objects / Sculptures to follow. Floor 5 Tiled Floor 6 Tiled Floor 7 Tiled Floor 8

Five On The Floor - Floors - Tiled

Floor 1 / Tiled or Inlay Floor 2 / Tiled or Inlay Floor 3 / Tiled or Inlay Floor 4 / Tiled or Inlay These next four drawings continue on from the earlier sketches - They show the layout of an area upon which, objects (sculptures) will be placed. The elevations of the objects are being drawn up at the moment and will be posted next.

Five On The Floor - First Sketches and Maquette -

Further to the posts below, please see the first ideas for Five on the floor. The next post will show the drawings that follow these rough ideas into visual elements for a series of sculptures that link the object to the ground ares upon which they sit. I am currently working on the resulting sculptures (to scale) and will be posting images of them soon. There may be other blogs in between as these sculptures will take time to complete. All posts in this regard will come under the title "Five On The Floor". The sketches and model here are my first attempt at fusing object and environment. Quite separate from this artistic endeavour, today marks the fifteenth anniversary of that horrible mom

Five On The Floor - Where Sculpture Meets The Floor - No More "Afterthought Sculpture" Ple

Here are five sketches (ink and pencil on paper that can be seen on the "Drawing" page of this website). They are the continuing part of the series of works "Five On The Floor" that accompany the two maquettes in two earlier blogs below. These drawings are plan areas in which objects are placed at certain points to link the ground into the object. I will be posting some other sketches where floor, object and walls are all linked as one to create a complete sculptural/architectural environment. There will be other maquettes to follow. One of the issues facing so many sculptors or artists making objects that sit in the public domain is that the art object is still viewed by architects and desi

Point to Point / Five On The Floor Original Sketches

One the aspects of making sculpture for me has always been the point at which, sculpture meets the floor. It is an aspect of three dimensional artworks that can often be omitted or at least attended to last of all. The artist Constantin Brancusi resolved this issue by extending his sculpture to the ground via plinths that remain a resting point (and stopping point) for the sculpture and yet, remain an integral part of the object's overall aesthetic. Many artists since have dispensed with plinths altogether, in fact, artworks that inhabit whole areas of many contemporary galleries, have become the norm. Using a plinth as starting point for an object designed form the ground up would, for any

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